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New Publication – the Society’s Commemoration of WW1

Kidlington’s Sacrifice in the Great War

by John Lowe – £10.00

The lives behind the names on the Village War Memorial

Note: The author has received new information from a descendant on one of the entries: Ernest Charles Woodward.  If you have purchased a copy of Kidlington’s Sacrifice, a free Amendment Sheet with the revised entry can be obtained as above,  or for a downloadable pdf version, please contact:

Kidlington Village – its story so far
By John Amor – £10.00

The Shipton-on-Cherwell Railway Disaster of 1874
By John Amor – £3.00

A History of St Mary’s Church Kidlington
By John Amor – £5.00

The Roads of Kidlington and Gosford
A brief history of all the roads of the village
By John Amor – £3.00

The History of Crown Road and Moat Cottage
A detailed history of one of the oldest roads in the village
By Dr Norma Aubertin-Potter – £5.00

Memories of Kidlington Book 4
The latest collection of stories of life in the village in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.
Compiled by John Amor – £3.00

Hales Croft
A history of this house in Mill End first mentioned in 1600.
By Professor Michael Seymour – £4.00

Kidlington Evacuees
Memories of East Ham Grammar School Girls evacuated from London to Oxfordshire during WW2: life in an Oxfordshire village in wartime as seen through London girls’ eyes.
Complied by John Amor – £2.50

Memories of Kidlington Book 3
Complied by John Amor -£3.00
The latest volume in our popular series recounting Kidlington’s history through the memories of its residents.

Gosford Hill & Oxford Zoo by John Amor – £3.00
The fascinating story of how Kidlington came to have a Zoo with Rosie, our very own elephant.

Lyne Road & The Rookery by Norma Aubertin-Potter -£5
A detailed history of one of Kidlington’s oldest roads.

‘SORRY: NO BANANAS’ by John Amor – £5.00
A vivid collection of memories of the wartime years compiled by John from the recollections of those who grew up in Kidlington 1939 – 45.

The History of Oxford Road, Kidlington
by John Amor – £3.00
(includes Oxford Zoo, Schools, Garden City) 

The History of Banbury Road, Kidlington
by John Amor – £2.50
(includes Railway, Canal & Bacon Factory at Kidlington)

Kidlington in Camera 2-
by John Amor £9.95
(82 photographs of Kidlington’s past)

Thirty-Nine Years in an Oxfordshire Parish –
edited by John Amor- £2.50
(Life in Kidlington from 1886 to 1925)

Kidlington Enclosure Award Map – Map & Key – £5.00
(The Kidlington Enclosure of 1818)

The History of Church Street, Kidlington
Revised by John Amor £2.50

A History of the Schools of Kidlington
by Reg Martin- £3.50

The Probate Documents of Water Eaton 1592-1730
edited by Valerie Offord – £2.50

Brief Guide to St.Mary’s Church Kidlington
by John Amor – 40p

Kidlington and The Civil War
by John Amor £3.00

Memories of Kidlington Book 2
Compiled by John Amor £3.00

The History of Mill Street, Kidlington
Revised edition by John Amor £3.00

Memories of Kidlington Book 1
Compiled by John Amor £3.00

50 Years Young – the story of the Kidlington Scout Troup
by John Amor £3.00

The following Society publications are out of print and may be borrowed from the Oxfordshire Public Library:-
The History of High Street, Kidlington by Reg Martin
The History of School Road, Kidlington by Reg Martin
A History of Kidlington by Valerie Offord
Kidlington in Camera Book 1 by Gerald Gracey Cox & John Amor
Kidlington in Camera by Gerald Gracey-Cox & John Amor

The following Society Publications may be seen at the Oxfordshire History Centre, St Luke’s Church, Temple Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2HT:-

Kidlington Parish Registers
Kidlington Churchyard Inscriptions
Census Returns 1841-1881 (indexed)